Catching the falling (book 4)

Catching the falling (book 4)

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"Don't do this Ryan"

"I have no choice"

"We could think of something, j-just please don't-"

"I'm not taking anymore risks Violet! Isabel won't be one of the innocent victims who died"

"Please careful"

"I love you Violet"

"I love you more Ryan"

1DAndAustinMahone 1DAndAustinMahone Dec 31, 2016
Nash honey just so you know.............I FREAKING HATE YOU!!!!!!!!
immeanbeuty immeanbeuty Sep 06, 2016
I dont see how bad guys can do all this I get tired just going to pee
samanthamiamartinez samanthamiamartinez Nov 30, 2016
NASH!!!!!!!😱😱 totally didn't see that coming *SARCASM*
UnikornBlob213 UnikornBlob213 Oct 02, 2016
Nash! You little piece of SHIIT! 
                              Now just wait! Before I rip your dick off and make you eat it!!!
amalialg671 amalialg671 Oct 19, 2016
Dude she don't want you just go away already let it go move on for crying out loud
Nutella_crafter_ Nutella_crafter_ Oct 13, 2016
Everyone is saying brash but doesn't anyone think it was violet's Co worker in California or damon