Redamancy (Harry Potter x Fem!Reader)

Redamancy (Harry Potter x Fem!Reader)

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(: By dixngelo Updated Jul 29

(Y/N) (L/N) finally gets her Hogwarts letter. She's eager to start the new chapter of her life and to make her parents proud. Though raised on lies and secrets, she loves her family, and would do anything to make them happy. 

Then, she meets a boy called Harry Potter, who makes it hard for her to keep her parents pleased, but makes it easy for her to smile.

She must choose between her family, one with love and fear and countless tears, or a family of her own, one with dreams and wonder and Redamancy.

So wait a Draco my twin here??? We're both first years...
MadlyHandsome MadlyHandsome Aug 05, 2016
This is why I'm single. The way this reader reacts is literally me
MadlyHandsome MadlyHandsome Aug 05, 2016
Hmm.....somebody in the family did some cheating I presume? *looks at mother* AHA I KNEW IT YOU DID IT WITH THE MAILMAN AND I'M ACTUALLY A HALF BLOOD HAHAHA
Queen_Melissa_ Queen_Melissa_ Dec 02, 2016
My cousin Lily Evans is a muggleborn granted I Am a half blood but I love @CassiePotter
SophieXC7 SophieXC7 Sep 05, 2016
Rereading this and it's just as magical is rereading the actual Harry Potter book or rewatching  the movies 😁❤️🙌
MadlyHandsome MadlyHandsome Dec 27, 2016
Going to reread this fic cause I love it so much and I need to catch up