Redamancy (Harry Potter x Fem!Reader)

Redamancy (Harry Potter x Fem!Reader)

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(: By dixngelo Updated Sep 05

(Y/N) (L/N) finally gets her Hogwarts letter. She's eager to start the new chapter of her life and to make her parents proud. Though raised on lies and secrets, she loves her family, and would do anything to make them happy. 

Then, she meets a boy called Harry Potter, who makes it hard for her to keep her parents pleased, but makes it easy for her to smile.

She must choose between her family, one with love and fear and countless tears, or a family of her own, one with dreams and wonder and Redamancy.

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So wait a Draco my twin here??? We're both first years...
YESSSSSSSS !!! (I have nothing against Slytherins but in most HP reader inserts that I have read, the reader was a Slytherin so it's nice to have a change of house...)
Tbh, that's what I would do and then I would either glare at the kid behind me or curse at him... Depends on my mood... XD
Sorry, but if he will start yelling at you, just give him the middle finger or send him a howler... (I'm sorry if I seem rude but the reader is in Gryffindor, so Lucius should accept it... Or (Y/N) could just go in badass mode... XD)
Next thing y'know that hat exclaims Hufflepuff and my face is like 😏 I told you so.
Prof McGonagall!!! (Sorry, Prof McGonagall is one of my fav HP characters so...yeah... xD)