Katriona is a lucky lady. She has everything her heart desires... almost. There is just one thing getting in the way of her perfect life and she has figured out a way to sort that little issue.
@eddyevargas93 Thank you eddy, she definitely got what she deserved for sure! And thank you again for becoming a fan, I will be reading your story of the same name 'Heartless' :)
great story left me surprised at the end. i guess she got what she deserved .you have made a new fan today!
@LoveLuxury Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear. I have one of your stories to my library ready to read tomorrow :-)
@Giftauthor I will be writing more soon and reading your work also. Thanks for the comment :-)
@Giftauthor Thank you Giftauthor, your comment is much appreciated.
LOL Corvino327. I am a massive fan of Stephen King, but I think I just have a dark side to me due to life experience. I will rerate if you think. Thats cool, thanks so much for the comment. Will be looking at your work! :)