Reading Her Lips (Dinally FanFic) *on hold*

Reading Her Lips (Dinally FanFic) *on hold*

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Ariel By Smiley_Lovatic21 Updated Jul 08, 2017

What happens when you start senior year of high school in a new place?
Will people accept you the way you are?
Will the difficulties you have, set you back?
Will you be able to make friends?
These are all too real for Ally. She is deaf, but she doesn't let that stop her. Her older sister Tori is like a personal body guard. Although she cant help her much while she is at school, but she will do anything for her little sister. Take the journey to see how senior year of high school goes for Ally Brooke Hernandez.

Fifth Harmony, Tori Kelly AU. 

Book Idea and Dedication to: Thoughtsof5h


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yani_jauregui yani_jauregui Jul 09, 2017
I'm 5'6 and my teacher is 4'11 right 
                              So one day she refused to move and I picked her up bridal style so she'd move 😂😂😂😂 @Queen_ADiva
Man my mom and dad said that I need to get off my lazy ass and do some work because I'm not going to be 30 living in their basement( Black parents are awesome right )😂😂😂
yani_jauregui yani_jauregui Jul 09, 2017
Hmm a mystery girl ... Like that lady I saw naked next door 😂😂😂😂
NormallySings NormallySings Jan 29, 2016
OH MY GOD, I'm so happy about this. Like I am hearing impaired so I wear my hearings all the time but this is going to be so important to read like thank you. Also if you need any info on deafness and etc, don't be afraid to message me. Unless you're deaf/HOH
itsLynn_1726 itsLynn_1726 Apr 13, 2016
I'm taller then my older sister so I would crush her ,cuz she's like 5'2 and I'm 5'5
supersamantha334 supersamantha334 Jan 22, 2016
keep going :) this sounds amazing ! and dinally is fantabulous so♥ dinally forever aha☺ 
                              i'm ready for this.. can't wait til you update☺