Make Believe {Riarkle}

Make Believe {Riarkle}

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Nicole #thankyougmw By rileyminkus Completed

Riley always wanted to be side-by-side with Maya, especially when it came to relationships. She'd do what ever it took to keep up with her best friend, even if it sounded totally crazy.

When Riley discovers that Maya and Lucas are going on a date, she comes up with an idea to keep right up with Maya. With a little help from Farkle, Riley goes on a 'make believe date' with him. However, not everything is exactly as what it may seem.

Just warning you, this is my first published story on Wattpad, so it might not be that good. I'm trying to improve in my writing, so hopefully chapters will get better as they go.

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_TravellingThoughts_ _TravellingThoughts_ Nov 03, 2016
Meanwhile I am emotionally unstable because all of my ships are basically sailing.
NatWillNeverBeOnFire NatWillNeverBeOnFire Oct 29, 2016
i need a farkle and a phil in my life ;-;
                              farkle to do my homework and be adorable and phil to be an adorable angel to hug me everyday 
                              thats the only person i will allow to hug me
aetolus aetolus Sep 25, 2016
I'd say she was in love with the thought of being in love with lucas, not in love with him.
PhansAtHogwarts PhansAtHogwarts Nov 26, 2016
Farkle are you joking YOU JUST SAW THEM KISS 
                              AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE THE SMART ONE
A-Asshole A-Asshole Dec 11, 2016
Their gonna watch it on netflix, and they're gonna chill
                              You know
                              Some netflix and chill..
                              Omg i'll stop
trashespluto trashespluto Sep 10, 2016
Are you serious Farkle, you're really smart. You legit just saw Lucas almost kiss Maya! It's pretty obvious!