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Sierra By Wintersdancer Completed

Arabella Chase hasn't had the easiest life. Her parents and brother were killed leaving just her and her sister.

Imagine a picture perfect family. Like the ones you see on the commercials, and advertisements. Sitting around the table at dinner laughing, going on family walks and taking vacations. Having the occasions disagreements. Now grab a glass vase. See how beautiful it is? Throw it on the ground stomp on it then, try to fix it.

Impossible right? So you throw it away. It's broken damaged goods why would you want it? That's how my life ended up.

That's my life living on pay check to pay check trying to give Libby, my sister, a good life. One day a family takes us in just out of good nature. I was thankful for that. What I didn't plan on happening was the, being friends with the royal family.  I also didn't plan on the prince falling in love with me now matter how hard I tried to push him away.

He didn't care how broken I was. So what I'm trying to say is. No matter how much you may think you're broken, you can become...


Second installment in the Unspoken trilogy.

5/9/17 - #952 in teen fiction
5/14/17 - #273 in teen fiction
5/15/17 - #264 in teen fiction

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mysticalbeauty__ mysticalbeauty__ Jul 27, 2017
is this the same katherine as the first book or a different one cause they have the same name but different beggining letters kust wanna lnow if it was a mistake
This is dumb I'm leaving no one can just do this eventually they will become spoiled brats trust me