Finding Claire

Finding Claire

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Claire Cross is living two completely different worlds in her life: one of a happy child. The other one of a bullied student.

She's not like your normal teenage girls, thinking about prom or hanging out with your girlfriends at the mall after school. She's alone, has no friends and basically can't confine in anyone.

When Nathan Williams shows up a couple of weeks after school started, she didn't know he would be stuck to her like a leech. As hard as she tried, he would not let go so little by little, she found herself opening up to him.

Will this stranger open up the world she tried so hard to ignore and be able to keep it up, or will she forever be alone?


Some mild language in this book. There is one paragraph in chapter 12 that is not good for children under the age of 13. Too much cussing XD

Cover made by bubblygummii

Highest rating: #152 in romance (6/27/16)

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deceiviing deceiviing May 25, 2016
I can picture her being the newest model for a modelling magazine now😂
deceiviing deceiviing May 25, 2016
Okay so I call ear buds "earbuds" and so anyone who hears me question why I use that term instead of saying "headphones." I don't see any difference and I like using fancier terms 💁🏻✌🏻️
deceiviing deceiviing May 25, 2016
don't you find it funny when at random moments, everyone in like a room or class or something just goes dead silent at the same time? And everyone just laughs at that and so the silence is gone
Jessisaputa Jessisaputa Jul 16, 2016
Love ur story so far. Keep up ur incredible work and ur an amazing writer. Amazing story and ps I love playing the piano and a violin as well.