Takumi Aldini X Reader  A Long Time Ago

Takumi Aldini X Reader A Long Time Ago

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Naruuuu By Kae_Den Completed

Takumi and {Name} had been married for 18 years and have a child named Yumi who is 13 years old. She tells the story and adventures of how she and Takumi met in this rom-com.

Almost all lines the characters say are from the actual manga Shokugeki No Soma. 
(Some Flashbacks contain lemon moments so JUST A WARNING! Skip it if you don't like those.)
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Me: "And Yukihira was sexy as hell too."
                              Takumi: "DAMN YOU YUKIHIRA"
Yurio: Urgh, This innocence crap makes me want to bark. uleeghggbrergg
                              Me: same, Yurio sa—wait, wrong anime?
Kiriai Kiriai Mar 24, 2016
Since she's related to me, she probably doesn't have any innocence
- - Aug 10, 2016
My OC that I use is supposed to be named Yuki, but since there is another Yuki, I replaced it with Yumi. Know I have a Yumi jr XD