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Just You : Living with BTS (BTS fanfic)

Just You : Living with BTS (BTS fanfic)

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HanaQi By HanaQi Completed

Lee Hana, 18

Dear diary, I'm about to set foot and live under the same roof as the 7 BangTan brothers... 
What should I do?!?

Lee Hana, your typical average 18-year old teenage girl is about to face one of the biggest challenges in her life, living with the BangTan brothers. She faces all kinds of awkward twist of events in her life, along with her two best buddies. But little did she know that she may not only be visited by cupid, but someone as well.... Problem is, is he a friend or foe?

If you love romance and comedy, then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
-started on November 2015-

wreckingbias wreckingbias May 21, 2016
It's difficult to find a fic that catch my attention on the first chapter, but I can say that I already liked.😊 I guess I'll continue my reading now. Kisses from Brazil!
leius_uknow leius_uknow May 01, 2016
                              Hana means one..the "one" means someone or the number 1?