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Pokémon High-Amourshipping

Pokémon High-Amourshipping

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EthanSK02 By EthanSK02 Updated Aug 28, 2016

Ash Ketchum is a 16 year old boy attending Pokémon High in Kalos. With his group of friends, Ash feels nothing could be better. But when a new girl comes to the school, a whole new aspect comes to Ash's life. Love. Will Ash experience this new feeling, or will it be a fleeting feeling?
Serena is a new girl, who is introduced to a large group of friends, but one begins to stand out. When feelings start to develop, will it turn out in her favour?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything but the storyline!

One of my cats that died a few years ago did this when it was on my dad's lap, then ran off with a rasher of bacon hanging from its mouth, (this cat was around 2 months old at the time)
XxKawaii_Girl_1xX XxKawaii_Girl_1xX Nov 23, 2016
Not cool Serena. You shouldn't interrupt some ones battle that! It's rude.
wailyblossom wailyblossom Jul 22, 2016
???:Excuse me?
                              Blossy: Welcome mlady
                              Waily:You are the power of our ship
MMS1213 MMS1213 Jan 23
no not Berry.
                              you mean Banana.
                              (that's for the people who read my book)
MMS1213 MMS1213 Jan 23
                              now I can do a dramatic exit.CEW THE MUSIC!!
RahulSarma RahulSarma Aug 27, 2016
OMA impossible........
                              *calls cops* I think we have an imposter among us 😂😂