Beaten In Lips • Cashby

Beaten In Lips • Cashby

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"C'mon! Fight back you shit!" My old man yelled at me, kicking me harder than the first blow. He picked me up by the collar of my shirt and threw me into the wall, making all breath leave my lungs as I fell to the floor in a heap of wheezing. He scoffed at me and kicked me once more. I coughed and forced myself to sit up, groaning loudly from the aching pain filling up my bruised body. 

My head rested against the wall, still trying to catch the air that left me. At least it was over. It was never this bad, never. Everything went down hill when my mom left, disregarding him and going with the man she wished he was. She filed a divorce and my dad ended up getting everything, even me. At first it was just the heartache of my mom no longer being here, my dad turned to drinking and it become a thing on a daily basis. It was terrible, I've never been able to escape and I truly feel that I never will be able too. 

I groaned and coughed, forcing myself to stand and manage my way down the hal...

But you beat him! I'd rather be on the streets than have an abusive father
I hope this wont be too sad but its rlly good so far! Love the cover btw