A New Beginning

A New Beginning

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•Sarah• By audacious_scribbler Updated Nov 24

This is the continuation, and the second book, of the Skinny Love: a romione love story! I will be making references to my previous book. It is not necessary that you read the first book before this one but since I've changed the story into my own, and if you want to understand my references then by all means, read the first book! 

Note that this book isn't strictly about Ron and Hermione, although I may seem that way! (Can't help my love for Romione. #sorrynotsorry). It's about everyone and the wizarding world after the war. I will be writing on dozen of ships, even a short dromione scenes for all you Draco and Hermione fans! It will also be narrarted is multiple POV's. I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as you enjoyed the other one.


Voldemort is dead. The death eaters are scattered. Most of them are in Azkaban. The battle is won. The magical and the muggle world are now safe. Life can finally go on normally. But will it ever be normal?

Can we just look at ginnys humor in such harsh timez? 😂😂😂😉😉😄😄
Hinnyforevr Hinnyforevr Aug 13
I have to force myself not to start reading WRITE NOW but its 3 in the morning nd I need to go to bed!
Can we acknowledge the fact that Ron loved Hermione so much that he was able cast an unforgivable curse to save her?  Like damn, goals.
DianaPn DianaPn Dec 11, 2015
It was perfect!! I wish you a good start and good luck with your new book♡
DianaPn DianaPn Dec 03, 2015
Update soon! Have you finished your other book? Tell me that you haven't. I like it so much! I definitely don't want this to end.