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My father is my mate?! Mxb mpreg

My father is my mate?! Mxb mpreg

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Zaylin By Zaylinsbooks Updated Aug 02, 2016

This story is based of fantasy and is rated GAY. 

Everyone is this story are males and the masculine males are dom's and the submissives or the guys that will be substituted as girls in this book are subs. 
Witches & werewolves

Kaylan is the youngest of his fathers pack followed by his bestfriends. Kaylan is a mix of warewolf and witch. He is 16 years old and it is time for him to find a mate. He doesn't want a mate. It's to complicated and he doesn't want to submit to some dumb jerk. He's a teen icon and one of the most know teens in the wolf realm. He lives in the richest pack there has ever been in history. They just don't have luck with their love history. 

His father Jason the alpha has been keeping a secret from him and its that he is his mate. He cares for his baby boy like no other. He just needs to figure out a way to tell him. He wants to show him he means way more to him than a son.

RedDove14 RedDove14 Jun 16 we just going to ignore the fact that that just appeared in his hand
I think this is a wonderful story and I really hope you continue. Good job on actually writing something that people will read. XD I can hardly get my story ideas out and into words. Plus my work is actual crap
StarfreeEmo StarfreeEmo Jan 23
...there was never a forth wall in this story. Not gonna lie . its kinda cool
svdgh0st svdgh0st Dec 29, 2016
This is wattpad not a novel. Relax, guys. People write for fun and enjoyment or it's simple because it's their passion.  Why bash on someone for writing what they want to? We have an overall picture of how he looks so why not just leave it at that?
MaleXMale MaleXMale Nov 05, 2016
Learn to wright, your hopeless and stop with the heavy description, your just increasing the word count for nothing. For the phone just say and I pick up my phone from the nightstand.
HannahMoore420 HannahMoore420 Dec 30, 2016
I like how the author went into detail it let's you picture what he is wearing so stop giving the author mean comments like that so,eMate offensive what if someone told you your writing was crap you wouldn't like it so don't say it to the author