Roommates ~Ian somerhalder

Roommates ~Ian somerhalder

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Trinity By faithforever_1 Updated Feb 04

Today's my first day of college I got to admit I'm pretty nervous.
I leave in a few minutes
I'm attending Oregon state university.
My dad then walked in the room
"Time to go honey..."
My dad helped me put my stuff in the car.
And we drove to the university as we pulled up my heart started raceing.
The lady at the front desk gave me my room number and key.
I unlocked my room door and walked in my dad set my bags down and said his goodbyes.
I finished unpacking my things
When a boy walked in the room.
"Hi my names ian..."
I looked at him 
"Hi my names Brooke I guess where roommates..."

then climbed on his bed and started playing on his phone.
I did the same till he got a phone call
I jumped and looked at him. I could hear the person on the phone asking if they could come over. 
He quickly said "yes see you soon..."
A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.
This boy walks in he sees me and winks I smile and continued to scroll through facebook.

boy kept starring a me I g...

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