Texting you (Camren)

Texting you (Camren)

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Lern Jergi By legendarymila Completed

There's a new Mobile App. You can text anyone you want and make new friends.

Camila has never been in a relationship, so she decides to create a user.

A random stranger texts her.

Later they get along well, actually better than well. They're very similar and the have no idea that they both go to the same school.

They actually know of each other already. Their usernames are what makes them not know it.

It's funny that they are hugging and don't know it's eachother they are texting
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I read "when I'm not banging him" and I hate myself for it 😂
- - Mar 09
I've never seen Lol in a story outside of texts, this is new lol
incognithoe incognithoe Feb 14
yo where can i get a loloregz bc she multi-texts even when she aint even got a reply!
Can everybody as cool as her? Like chill...  I'm not killing people.  I just like girls -..- wth