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Crimson faces a new punishment in the futuristic Rainbow Military Army when he makes a mistake on his first day out of Rehabilitation. The mysterious General swears to make an example out of him, and after being in conference with his council, he decides to treat Crimson as he acted. The General assigns a platoon as the Nannies, and places a new rule that Crimson will be treated as a baby. But not just a baby, a baby girl. Crimson is publicly humiliated through the city tour of the Army, as he progresses through the life stages.


  • ageplay
  • baby
  • bottom
  • bum
  • butt
  • diaper
  • headspace
  • military
  • nappies
  • punishment
  • punishments
  • rainbows
  • spanking
  • toddler
  • toddlerrein

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