Diabolik Lovers One shots ||Editing||

Diabolik Lovers One shots ||Editing||

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Tsukiyama Trash #1 By HimeSama- Completed

Tittle says it all
Also I know I there are spelling mistakes!! I'll try to fix them later!

Hello! and welcome to awesomeness if you like the series Diabolik Lovers then this book is for you!! 
So I hop-

Error! Error! The loser has spoken to much! Error! Error!

I know!! I spelt things wrong!! I am just to lazy to fix it....\(^~^)/

I really hate yui HOW MANY TIMES CAN ONE GIRL TRIP!?!? I mean come on in the first episode she tripped on nothing....-.-
I don't like her but I wouldn't pick on anyone. As long as Azusa and Kou are MINE
In the beginning I was like ;;;;;^;;;;; then the ending ._. Surprise mothafudger
Okay just saying this but when I found out Yui took all the attention.my stomach twisted in jealousy
Ok Yui is weak and stupid but I still feel bad for picking on her...
Celeana06 Celeana06 Aug 29
It's actually Azkaban. But it's okay, I make the same mistake myself.