Shawn Mendes Imagines

Shawn Mendes Imagines

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Isabella By ugliprincessa Updated Sep 16

in which a girl with no life writes short stories about the love of her life who will never know she exists


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can i just say the description for this story killed me😂😂😂
                              cute, romantic, cuddling
                              me and shawn in a secret relation ship please xx
Nyzreader Nyzreader Aug 08
                              How he makes me feel so special or beautiful
                              Cute and lil' bit of sexual
Shawn2705 Shawn2705 Jun 26
- Louise 
                              - we Go on holiday to a warm country , and have lots of fun. 
                              - cute - sexual
-Olivia (or Liv as nickname)
                              - Cute w/ some nose kisses and shît like that, and a lil' sexual
                              - Shawn and I are visiting his parent for Christmas and everyone is v happy and grateful :)
mvendes mvendes Jun 13
                              -we fly from my hometown  to his and are sleep deprived and are really tired and we get into a fight and have angry sex but we have to be quiet cause his room is in between his parents and sisters