Want My Cookie.

Want My Cookie.

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|∆•¥•Brianna•¥•∆| By HighRiderz Completed

Cookie POV
I was walking into my house and the first thing i did was lay down...i had such a long day at empire helping jamal write his new album..so i needed this. As soon as i got at least 10 minutes into my nap i hear my phone ringing..


Ugh this was not what needed right now...i wanted to ignore it but it just kept ringing. "This bastard won't quit" i said.
I picked up the phone reluctantly..."What do you want lucious" 

T- "You."
C- " Well lucious you had me and lost me...you should've thought twice before cheating with boo boo kitty
T- "Cookie..." 
C- "No lucious...No.

I felt my eyes stinging with tears...but i quickly straighted myself up...i don't cry over any man. I sniffed from the tears and i know lucious heard it too.

T- "Cookie im sorry..honestly.."
C- "Is that why you called...to tell me how your sorry and move on?"
T- "Cookie..listen to me...please"
C- "I don't wanna waste my time any longer...goodbye lucious"
T- "Cookie i-

I hung up the phone.


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RevolverQueen RevolverQueen Oct 01, 2016
I really love them.. I really do.. I want to write a story about them, is it a crazy idea? Would someone read it? ❤️ I'll read all the story today😘
Nenegorgeous700 Nenegorgeous700 Aug 25, 2016
why is she trying on underwear in front of him ? i thought they were broken up ?
RevolverQueen RevolverQueen Oct 01, 2016
I loved it.. a badass Cookie as always and a sweet Lucious ❤️❤️❤️ I'll read all in the next few hours
- - Dec 23, 2015
Human. When are you going to stop writing in chunks? I struggled to read this.
ilovetyraji ilovetyraji Nov 20, 2015
Cookie is so framing stubborn. Lol, but Lucious can handle it
HighRiderz HighRiderz Nov 19, 2015
Thanks i just finished a chapter...i just posted it up enjoy