Camren Drabbles

Camren Drabbles

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Rachel By flashbacksandechos Updated Sep 25, 2013

Prompt: Drabble based on I Love You, Beth Cooper.

You don't realize how hard it was to write this. This is loosely, and I mean loosely, based on I Love You, Beth Cooper. If you haven't seen the movie then this might be a little confusing so I apologize in advance >.<

"No regrets for what we wanted to do, but did not. What we wanted to say, but could not. So I say here today, the one thing I wish I had said. The one thing I know I will regret if I never say it: I love you, Lauren Jauregui."

The fire crackled as the group of five teens sat staring at the flames, all sipping quietly on their beers as they listened to the distant sound of crickets chirping. Tonight had been one of the craziest experiences Camila Cabello had ever had, she was suddenly regretting ever standing in front of the school and confessing her love for head cheerleader Lauren Jauregui.

The brunette flickered her gaze to the said girl sitting on the popped down tailgate of the Hummer they had stolen from Keaton St...

- - Aug 02, 2016
OMG when Camila squeaked after the kiss, It reminded me of Robbie from victorious
Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Nov 06, 2016
Why would Camila wait until then?! - Munro McLaren
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