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My Master Also My Mate

My Master Also My Mate

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Envy the Plague By Envyxthexplague Completed

Book 1 in the Blood Series
The full moon lurked over a town called Raven-wood Hills. This was a type of night mere human called The Dead Night. No one came out after dark when a full moon raked over the town. This night had been initiated in the early centuries, when the pack entered the town. Yes, there are those werewolves that mix with the humans and attempt to conceal their identity, but these werewolves were the ones that have centuries worth of grudges against humans and have a high blood lust. This was a night that the werewolves reigned the streets. They would roam around the town after their pack meeting. Rumors of murders and the legends of werewolves roaming the streets had spread like wildfire. Yet some have tested that we don't really exist in "their" so-called world and they have perished in an instant. Some lucky ones who were blessed by the grace of the Alpha have survived and spoke about their experiences. 
One man, in particular, had a more interesting story than the others. The man had finally come out of hiding and spoke of the horrors he had witnessed. Oh the horrors of a wolf that never leaves the Alpha's side. The man swears on his life he had seen Satan himself inside the she-wolf, he told the town that she was under his power doing exactly what he has asked of her. The man told the horror of what she would do with men and women who would cross her alpha, and he described this she-wolf as a gorgeous woman, her beauty was so alluring yet the coldness and hate in her eyes rendered you from getting near her. She had to be a Siren crossed breed, the man said. An evil temptress on land, the only horror that walked this earth. 

He warned the town. "Do not tempt and belittle the Alpha of the werewolves for, you will be placed under a spell of fear and death of this Siren Demon."

hannah699 hannah699 Jul 05, 2016
                              I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT AGAIN
                              IT WONT GET OUT OF MY HEAD
F_ck_it_all F_ck_it_all Apr 06, 2015
I have read this book too many times. Maybe a little more than 4
NgBlack NgBlack Aug 13, 2013
@Lozzens Well if you go too my reading list there is almost 30 book's there (half that I am still reading) that better have a happy ending!! *Evil Smile*
Lozzens Lozzens Aug 13, 2013
@NgBlack Hay if you know of anyother good romance werewolf or any please do tell:) haha l love romance (with happy endings, read too many sad ones) :D
Lozzens Lozzens Aug 13, 2013
@NgBlack I have since read this book and yes it does have a happy ending:D if I remember haha:)
NgBlack NgBlack Aug 12, 2013
@Lozzens I would really like to know the answer to that one too plzzzz *Puppy Eyes*