A Master for Christmas  (manxman) Christmas Short Story **Subs Book 2**

A Master for Christmas (manxman) Christmas Short Story **Subs Book 2**

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** A/N-If you have read Book 1, Submissive part 1 & 2. Then you will enjoy this story. Book 3, Submissive 3 & 4 will follow soon.**

Gabriel loved Winter time, specifically  Christmas, which was his favorite holiday. He liked nothing more than celebrating it with the true family. All the Doms and other sweet subs like himself at Club Bliss. Gabby met Julius almost three years ago when his parents had kicked him out for being a disgrace, and a filthy fag, their specific words. He had taken to wandering the streets and sleeping in back alleys, under cardboard boxes trying to keep warm and hidden. Until one of Julius waiters, Kyle, who was now the Master Dominant's sub and his boyfriend had found him, and dragged Juluis outside to help him. The rest was history. Now Gabby had a real family, and everyone has been really good to him. He wanted nothing more than to make this Christmas extra special for everyone, especially for one paricularly difficult Dom. Gabby wanted this man to own him more than anything  else in this world, and maybe just maybe he'll get what he's wished for the most this Christmas.

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GOlikegoo GOlikegoo Apr 12, 2017
This is like the Avengers but with really REALLY hot doms! the crossovers got real on this one..
Alphas_Luna_ Alphas_Luna_ Mar 25, 2017
Da!mn they aren't even real and I already wanna drop my panties
Stripes840 Stripes840 Aug 15, 2017
Double negative. *clicks tongue and gives disappointed look*
LeashedMonster LeashedMonster Mar 27, 2017
I'm confuse. I think I have to re-read Marcus' story and Nolan's story. I think I'm getting all the clubs name mixed up.
Why in the world would someone make a size 0 dress?! That's practically nothing! Start out with a size 3 ish. Or make the dresses with specific models measurements
Shamirikel Shamirikel Dec 22, 2016
Alls well laugh your fears away
                              Nevermind that cloud 
                              Behind that cloud
                              You'll find a golden ray