Neglected  (Naruto fanfic)

Neglected (Naruto fanfic)

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Queen Procrastinator By Ayako_Hayashi Updated Feb 10

What if Minato and Kushina survived?
What if Naruto has a twin sister?
What if Naruto is neglected by his family?
What if Naruto was a child prodigy?
What if Naruto is an ANBU Black Ops Captain?
What if Naruto is the Night Fox?

[Cover by MsYonka]

{This book will be 90℅ pure nonsense and 10℅ idiocity}

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NightcoreloverUltra NightcoreloverUltra Aug 28, 2017
I don't think the word 'Mercy' exists in the villigers minds
Pfft, Minato must really be stupid, blind and deaf not to notice that his son is the ANBU Captain
Machinegun_potato Machinegun_potato Sep 17, 2017
Train the one with less power to control the one with more power while not teaching the one with more power control so he doesn't need to be controlled by another... 
                              What a fantastic idea.
Sassier_Than_You Sassier_Than_You May 09, 2017
Who needs a soul anyways? 
                              I get along just fine without mine
The fourth Hokage to get to know word of his son doing everything in the military okay
zamgetsu zamgetsu Apr 26
So they trained the girl to restrain Naruto in case if he went berserk even though she has the same exact amount of Kurama's as Naruto. Yeah they funked-up real bad