Neglected  (Naruto fanfic)

Neglected (Naruto fanfic)

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Fear the Fangirl... By Ayako_Hayashi Updated Jul 18

What if Minato and Kushina survived?
What if Naruto has a twin sister?
What if Naruto is neglected by his family?
What if Naruto was a child prodigy?
What if Naruto is an ANBU Black Ops Captain?
What if Naruto is the Night Fox?

[Cover by MsYonka]

Who needs a soul anyways? 
                              I get along just fine without mine
Seriously like they could of trained him too since he also has half of the chakra but noooo all they see is the soul itself 😒 they do know that since naruto has the soul and also half of the chakra that the other half will slowly come back right?
Foolish_One Foolish_One May 27, 2016
Huwat? Y don't they just teach naruto to control himself? 😞
Razor-Lazor Razor-Lazor May 19, 2016
Its weird how they make nice minato into know what 😰
mistmoon12 mistmoon12 Jun 24, 2016
Wait.....they each have half, wouldn't Naruto need to be trained too?
                              Also, if he was should be Naruto has Kurama and Mito well, nothing.
It wasn't necessary -ttebayo.
                              (Yeh, I will say the verbal tic for every comment I post here.)