King's Pet [Loki Fanfiction]

King's Pet [Loki Fanfiction]

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The_Doughnut_Queen By The_Doughnut_Queen Updated Oct 09

The Avengers have fallen, scattered across the world in hopes of regaining their strength and fighting back against 'Midgard's' New ruler, Loki, who is making major adjustments to the realm to suit his liking. Eventually, Earth's new king managed to re-legalise something that was dismissed as part of the past, a topic that not many people enjoy conversing about; Slavery.

When Amy is taken during the battle of New York, she is kept locked away in an underground prison until she's claimed by none other than the God of Mischief. After being kept unaware of the recent happenings around the world, Amy is forced into a new, unforgiving lifestyle.

Obeying her king.

Loki may be evil and insensitive...........but I still like him!!!!!!