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Forgotten (Criminal Minds Fanfiction/Sequel to Boss's Niece)

Forgotten (Criminal Minds Fanfiction/Sequel to Boss's Niece)

219K Reads 7.8K Votes 28 Part Story
Sherlock Holmes By StrongerThanIWas Completed

It's been a year since Melanie Hotchner and Spencer Reid got engaged. They were supposed to get married in three months, but some else has other plans in mind. It's a race against the clock when Mel's Toyota is blown up, causing her to forget everything that happened in the last year, including Spencer! The team must find the person who did this to her and Spencer must get her memory back before the UnSub does something worst.

babydaddywesley babydaddywesley Jun 06, 2016
My mom just asked if I want some chicken! MOM ITS NOT THE TIME MEL HAS FORGOTTEN REID AND MY LIFE IS ABOUT TO END!!!!
MooMooBear20004 MooMooBear20004 Dec 27, 2016
Everyone just assumes it's a guy... Who knows it could be a fangirl who wants Spencer Reid all to herself 😂😂😂 oh god I swear I don't mean me, I'm just stating a high possibility 😂
Clara_Ozwald Clara_Ozwald Aug 11, 2016
Ok, love it a bunch. But stuff like this annoys TF out of me so sorry but that's saw
byronsar byronsar Jul 03, 2016
I'm just glad it wasn't the whole 'who are you?' one- liner crap
GirlyBrainiac GirlyBrainiac Jun 11, 2016
Ugh... I was excited for this book too. The amnesia stuff is just really overused
musicallyinclined21 musicallyinclined21 Oct 31, 2015
On the bright side she did want a new car ....... To soon ? Ok