The Hunter & The Farmers Daughter✔️ Daryl Dixon

The Hunter & The Farmers Daughter✔️ Daryl Dixon

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Daryl and Nellie were best friends, lovers, they spent most of their time together for years before the apocalypse but when she moved away with her cousins Beth and Maggie and uncle Hershel he lost contact  with her and then the apocalypse began. Can he find her? Can he finally admit the extent of his feelings for her?

 He didn't put the pieces together when they went to the Greenes farm. It was only when he saw them that it clicked but one person was missing, the person he craved to see. Where was she? Would he ever find her again? DarylD/OC. 

In this FF Daryl already knew Hershal, Maggie and Beth. You will understand more as the stories progresses. I think I made Daryl younger in my story than he is in the show but I don't give a specific age so I don't suppose it matters much. 

Edited to the best of my ability. There may be some mistakes, feel free to point then out. 

I own nothing.

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sapphires- sapphires- Apr 27, 2017
I was watching Liza Koshy and she said "Woahh Nellie."
                              And then I started reading this
- - Aug 07, 2016
darn if it was nessie id be like
skylappp skylappp Apr 17, 2016
Go to urban dictionary and look up crush daryl, it's what you have on nellie
ToniToops1 ToniToops1 Jul 12, 2016
Ohhhhhh •wiggles eyebrows• then giggles like a school girl
clodawolf clodawolf Mar 05, 2016
I really enjoyed this chapter, one of my favourite Daryl dixon fan fics iv read !
littlegleek04 littlegleek04 Apr 09, 2016
When I first saw the description for this story I couldn't help but think of Daryl being best friends with Nervous Nellie the horse from the show and I snorted so much.... Very lady like 😂❤️🌋🌸👌🏽💕⭐️💖💗🍒🎶