Wolfstar Oneshots

Wolfstar Oneshots

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Daughter.of.war By daughter_of_war Updated Jan 03

This is a collection of Oneshots about the Harry Potter ship Wolfstar (Remus/Sirius) 
This will NOT have a regular update schedule, it's really just a place to put all my homosexual ramblings! 

Thanks in advance, 

P. S.
Criticism is greatly appreciated, it's what helps an author grow as one. Feedback is essential to not only growth of talent, but of the ability to grow as a person. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated, wether they be positive or negative. Thank you for your time.

i dont think they ever want to see their professor in his boxers again
ExCUSE me Harry but this house belongs to WOLFSTAR not JUST Sirius
I'm not the only one reading "they stopped when they saw the greying man dead in their tracks"? I was like "Damn now I know what they mean when they say 're of embarrassment'."
That1Loner That1Loner Aug 01
Well, Harry. Do YOU take pictures of Ron like that?
                              Didn't think so. 
                              No. You do take pictures of Draco though.
                              Harry: Oh, look! A broomstick shaped package! I wonder what it is?
                              Me: MAYBE A CHIHUAHUA *eye roll*
Someone help! There is a pain in my heart,  mysterious liquid spilling from my eyes, and the fact the I just tried to hug my phone.....wow..... I need emotional help