Torn (A Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper Pines Story)

Torn (A Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper Pines Story)

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BillyTheDorito By BillyTheDorito Updated Oct 06

When sixteen year old (Y/N) returns to Gravity Falls, Oregon after two years to stay for a few weeks, old friends and romances bubble back to the surface of her life. 

She meets her boyfriend of two years, Bill Cipher, again and they share a special night at a local carnival, but what will happen when one of her closest friends, Dipper Pines, discovers their hidden relationship?

Who will (Y/N) fall for?

Is it weird while reading this the song "Like I'm gonna lose you" came on? XD
MAMA DONT NEED MASCARA *flutters eye lashes*
                              Sorry I'll never refer to myself as mama again 😂
Oh SOOS? Well peace b!tches we need to catch up on Future Diary!! (You need to remember when Soos was teaching Old Man Mgucket anime!XD)
Not predictable author chan. You could make the Ferris wheel go really fast and crash then go rolling off into the sunset. But then again.....
i guessing that human bill is kinda tall and the thing is im really short so i think i would be half of bills size XD im so damn short ;-;
BillyTheDorito BillyTheDorito Dec 02, 2015
How are you all liking this story?? A second chapter was requested on Quotev, so I'm writing that! It will also be more than 3,000 words long as will all of my chapters on all my stories hopefully. XD I hope you guys are liking this storyyy!