What Should I Do?|Seventeen|

What Should I Do?|Seventeen|

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Dream Land. By applessred Updated 5 days ago

Younghee,She's been living with a pair of couple that she believes to be her real parents. But one day everything has crushed down when she found out she wasn't their real daughter and her own real father sold her to a cruel vampire.

13 Boys with different father but having the same mother in the Vampire World.They are known as the wealthy and powerful boys,of course as well as their good looking.

These boys had shut themselves out after the painful past they lived on but what happened when they bought Younghee and made her enter their lifes?

Will they pushed her away?
Will they pull her to them?

-Written on late November 2015-

Chill, it could just be a prank and you're freaking the heck out about it (though we know it's not).
NerdiiKiwii NerdiiKiwii Oct 11
Why the snap of fingers when it can be simply the flipping of the hair?
CarrotBunny_ CarrotBunny_ 3 days ago
Same gurl same. It always be seungcheol then joshua come to me then jihoon not to mention mingyu and wonwoo and jun and dk and vernon and then all of them I'm tired on typing their name 😂😂
He doesn't need to snap his fingers to have ladies faint around him.
Well, you can try lucid dreaming and I can control my emotions sooooo😂
CarrotBunny_ CarrotBunny_ 3 days ago
Lol this is hip hop unit 😂😂 u make it cute i swear 😂