I Will Never Let You Go (A Starco Fanfic)

I Will Never Let You Go (A Starco Fanfic)

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#SchoolGoals By StarcoFan143 Updated Apr 08

"What will you do if I go?"
"Are you crazy? I'll never let you go"

A promise made between best friends,
A strong bond that will never end,
But how will it be once they fall apart,
Will they still hold each other's hearts?

||Story By: @StarcoFan143||Co-author: @Nica_2004|| Grammar Nazi: @uncanny_catastrophe

This is freaking INCREDIBLE! You put so much passion into this, and hey, Ik how you feel, I started writing at 11 and I am turning 12 this year, so don't worry, your stories have taken off, and your stories are loved.
live on this ship (sorry mostly charisk (undertale)  or jerza (fairytail)
StarcoFan143 StarcoFan143 Dec 07, 2016
Thanks to everyone!! I just started reading the comments now.
erisol_trash erisol_trash Nov 02, 2016
don't worry, i started writing when i was 11 too
                              and you did a good job :]
sabryna7177 sabryna7177 Nov 08, 2016
This is a great story I love it so don't worry if your 11 I started writing when I was 10 but I deleted all of it
Zachfiction Zachfiction Jun 21, 2016
This chapter is not crappy. It has drama. It had passion. You wrote from your heart and did a good job. If you want to read a crappy Starco story, just check out my Starco series, and I'm 14