Blue Neighborhood (Phan)

Blue Neighborhood (Phan)

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soph🌼 By danandphilgaymes Completed

Phil goes to football games, but not because he likes sports.

Inspired by the music of Troye Sivan

Pairings: Phan

TW: Minor homophobic language 

Genre: Angst, Fluff

trashwebbie trashwebbie Jul 08
even though i'm the youngest all my siblings went to different schools than me , and they're only my half siblings .
Uh, can't help you with that, you could always go home and aimlessly browse Tumblr tho instead of trying to figure it out
I immediately think of clickers from the last of us when i read 'get infected'
Are you Carrie? Maybe? Maybe not? (just be friends don't interfere with phan or I will stab you with a spork)
Me why reading this paragraph: WHY DOES DAN HAVE A BANANA IN HIS POCKET??!!
                              Me after re-reading this paragraph like 20 times: Oh..... it said bandana........I have such a dirty mind