Blue Neighborhood (Phan)

Blue Neighborhood (Phan)

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meme prince ✿ By danandphilgaymes Completed

Phil goes to football games, but not because he likes sports.

Inspired by the music of Troye Sivan

Pairings: Phan

TW: Minor homophobic language 

Genre: Angst, Fluff

poppy_ugh poppy_ugh a day ago
Guys I just thought of the best joke ever. Just imagine, Daniel James Howell (Lester)
                              Playing sports 
                              I'm sorry Dan but it's true
JorDunDunDunTGGBB JorDunDunDunTGGBB Dec 21, 2016
I just realized their talking about football in England. I thought they were talking about American football.
kylieisamazing22 kylieisamazing22 Dec 03, 2016
Pfffft Dan is the most unathletic person ever you really expect him to play football duuuuuude I am laughing so hard right now
melancholicpilots melancholicpilots Dec 21, 2016
Reading this again and I noticed some similarities to Perks of Being A Wallflower
-litty -litty Dec 31, 2016
kickers never get offered scholarships. they're not really valued on teams
kickthetrashcan kickthetrashcan Nov 24, 2016
sorry i had to stop reading for a second to stop laughing at the thought of dan playing football