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Harry Potter preferences

Harry Potter preferences

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Multifandomer By stacyu Updated Jan 15

The title is pretty self explanatory

Now the preferences that have a *are the ones I'm not changing. So it will be important for all the other preferences. The ones that have a ~, mean that it will not fit in the story but the preferences that have a * will still effect it. Sounds confusing but it actually isn't.

(it's not gonna be in order!) in one preference for Fred it can be in prisoner of Azkaban in the next Chamber of Secrets

{Slow updates}

Zoozy713 Zoozy713 Jun 16, 2016
Blaise Zabini? I dunno, just thinking of Hogwarts boys for the book😜
Lestrange? Malloy? Riddle? Black? Gaunt? Zabini? Goyle? Crabbe?