The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Cute

The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Cute

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"They always say that a bad boy is like a fire and he needs snow to tame him and calm him down. Some may call me the snow to his fire. But that's not the case. If only they knew the truth...I'm the gasoline to his fire. I haven't tamed anything. I let his flames spread. I've just allowed him to spread his flames to me. And I love the burn. "


Aubrey Summers is peeved when her friend decides to date her rival's friend, Jacob. Now she is forced to spend time with the only guy in school she could do without, Parker Adams. But as circumstances continue on, Aubrey finds herself slowly falling for the guy. She is scared she'll get hurt, but who can stop it? Once you've fallen in love, you can't just fall out of it...

Maybe it's a good thing Avril made Aubrey with her and her boyfriend on dates with Parker,
or it's the cause of her destruction. Parker is a bad boy after all. 

Warning:Kissing&cuss words
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Eating on the bathroom counter instead of in the bathroom stall like in the movies. Smert.
Just cus u dating him doesn't mean ima be friends with him or his friend just like if u date someone u don't have to like their friends u can just be civil
Fremmer_Savage-Lit Fremmer_Savage-Lit Nov 17, 2017
.....okay....i know this is shady of me to say.....but bitchy move
chicktopia chicktopia Dec 02, 2017
Lol honey I'm a cheerleader and I got random bitches named Kim, Layla, Jennifer, Loren, and etc 😂
naailah_bieber naailah_bieber Nov 02, 2017
I just read the book abducted by mafia and the main character's name was Adam Parker
Swagger145 Swagger145 Jan 10
My name starts with A, and my 4 bffs names start with A's. Wasn't planned, and we all have all As