Fanfic from (WAR PRISONER): New Beginning

Fanfic from (WAR PRISONER): New Beginning

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BlueIsMyColour By ever_754 Updated Jan 02

Fanfiction from novel War Prisoner ( Li Hua Yan Yu) 
// check out the novel// 
worth to read. all credits to the author 

it has been two years since Su Yi became the Male Empress of Jin Lao. although the memory of his previous nation still remain in his heart but he learns the moment now with Wanyan Xu and his beloved young child has become his merry everyday.  

However one piece of letter may change that peace. read how Su Yi keep his identity as the Empress in font of the annoying Qing's king. and can Wanyan Xu prevent the king from taking Su Yi away?

sorry :( i am bad at english. i'll try to improve it

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LongYou LongYou May 11, 2017
I really love this fanfic! However there are a bit of grammatical errors, If you don't mind I would gladly beta it for you!
HeavenlyCreatureV HeavenlyCreatureV Dec 18, 2016
Is he going to be a threat to the emperor and empress's relationship?
BlackBeautySS BlackBeautySS Jun 29, 2016
Yayyy I love this fanfic! The original is one of the best book ever and I would love to see the character again in your book..
FujiwaraTakashi FujiwaraTakashi Mar 04, 2016
I just found ur fanfic😄 keep it up! Going to read all now 😁
MayaYai7 MayaYai7 Jul 08, 2016
This is soo good! I can't wait to read on more! Thank you for writing this fan fiction 😊
nadabirdy2 nadabirdy2 Mar 03, 2017
Hi, it's so long ago since I finish the novel but just now I started this fanfic. I love it already!