Mateo's Desire

Mateo's Desire

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Mateo Arnoldi wanted nothing more in life than true adventure. Being not only the heir of a family fortune, but the founder of the Arnoldi Assembly Line, Mateo was given the chance to do things others spent their entire lifetime dreaming about. With Italian persuasion and dramatic good looks, the world bent to his will. But being a good rich boy takes its toll eventually.

For as long as Desire Monroe could remember she'd always wanted her own fashion line. To see her name on the finest of fabrics. And now, her dream was closer to becoming a reality than ever before. With her best friend on one side and her brother on the other, Desire couldn't be happier. But alas, there was something missing; the sweet caress of a man's touch.

After a string of events that lead to their continuous meetings, Desire & Mateo realize that maybe they were meant to be in one another's lives. A steamy journey that could only lead to hickies, sex, & heartbreak was headed their way. But will their dirty secret become a public affair?

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