The Story Of Us

The Story Of Us

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xihawkins By xihawkins Updated Mar 11

Ever since I was little, I only had one fear. It wasn't like one of those silly fears of being afraid of a snake or getting lost in a crowd of people. 

I was afraid of losing my best friend. 

Then the unexpected happened. The fear I had slowly became a reality. 

Caleb Logan LeBlanc passed away on October 10th, 2015, the day my world fell apart. I had lost my one and only best friend. I became depressed and upset. I never came out of my room, felt like eating, or even talking to anyone. I cried myself to sleep each and every night wishing for some possible way for him to come back. 

Then one day, I came upon some quote. 

"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again."

What if memories could build a lane to Heaven? Not literally, but like closer to Caleb some how? I pulled out a journal and started writing. Writing every detail of memories of Caleb and I. I wrote down the story of us.

_fareeha _fareeha Jun 10
I see everyone commenting 2nd time reading this or 3rd...... I can see why they read it again,,.... This is soo good,,,, it feels like i m gonna cry at chapter 2 only ahhh
I'm not gonna cry while reading this. I'm not gonna cry while reading this nope I'm not
I'm rereading it and I'm gonna try not to cry😂😂 But most likely that won't happen
Idk how to feel about the fact that this exists 
                              But apparently it's good
leondre_4_ever leondre_4_ever Dec 01, 2016
@ultimateFangurrl I think she was meaning to do it in after a few days from his pass.
lgbtstandall lgbtstandall Aug 05, 2016
I am so crying RN This will always be my favorite part of the story