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Houdini Hearts ↠ Mike Newton

Houdini Hearts ↠ Mike Newton

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ℛ By seIcouth Updated Sep 11, 2016

❝Your love is my turning page, were only the sweetest words remain. Every kiss is a cursive line, and every touch is a redefining phrase. Though we're tethered to the story we must tell; when I saw you, well I knew we'd tell it well.❞
                    Forced into the vampiric world when her brother, Emmett, was attacked and carried off by a beautiful woman; Hazel McCarty lives an everlastingly beautiful life. Forks, though dreary, was the perfect place for her family to reside; and it was, for a few years. 
                    Until that stupid boy ran his big mouth. 
                    Mates. A thing of great love and serenity, find no comfort in Hazel as she stares into the bright blue eyes of the human boy with the large mouth and soft heart; Hazel finally understands what her brothers mean when they say: you are my life now. 
                    Things jerk and dip, and as Bella, Edward's also human mate finds herself in trouble, Hazel finds herself wrapping a protective blanket around the one person who's ever made her feel alive: 
                    Mike Newton.
                    [The Twilight Saga: Twilight]
                    [The Hazel McCarty - Cullen Stand-alone]
                    [Cover by: Haleigh]

darlingbabyhaim darlingbabyhaim a day ago
This is hilarious. I never expected a Mike Newton fanfic, ever.
homocidals homocidals Mar 22, 2016
now I want to start one. and I'm excited and Mike is such a smol child
Isidora_Milkovich Isidora_Milkovich Mar 14, 2016
I love this song it always make me tear up with feels😋😋
sugahearts sugahearts Dec 20, 2015
okay i just realized it's gonna be very hard to read the series if i add your stories every time i see a name bUT I'M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY
sugahearts sugahearts Dec 20, 2015
i've literally begun to read the twilight series so i could read your fanfictions and the second i read mike's name i was like "rACHEL HAS A FANFIC WITH HIM GTG"
trxnspxrency trxnspxrency Nov 24, 2015
Always wondered why no one fell in love with Mike... Can't wait for this one!