Unfamiliar Faces [Book Two]

Unfamiliar Faces [Book Two]

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willthefifthalfred By willthefifthalfred Completed

(Sequel to "Unfamiliar Territory")

"A wicked, new world was revealed from their encounter, filling the boy with pain, guilt, and power." 

There is something sinister about Alex Foxy's new life. Something really wrong with all of it. His body is not his own. His old family and friends are long forgotten while the new ones are being killed and splintered apart. Nothing left but a scattering of faces he doesn't recognize and an obligation he never truly agreed to. 

An obligation to be a familiar. To serve a witch to his dying breath. Even if that witch is a teenage girl with a predestined notion to hate him. Even if her mother is an awe-inspiring being of unknown power with a bothersome familiar that threatens to drive away the few remaining shreds of Alex's sanity.

And, with what sanity remains, poor Alex has to devote to keeping what he knows a secret. That the people he should see as enemies are really what remains of his new family and friends. How, even as he has to fight them, he has to figure out a way to save them. 

Hard to do when the people he is hiding the secret from can read his thoughts. Even harder to do when some of those people he lies to are the very same ones he is trying to save.


(Rated M for Language)


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ECHO_squadron ECHO_squadron Jan 27, 2016
is this the second or third book? I feel like I missed number 2
bellevergreen bellevergreen Mar 25, 2016
OMGGGG i just LITERALLY LOVEDD unfamiliar territory and now im reading unfamiliar faces, im soooo excited!!! And William (if i can call you that🙃) you're an amazing writer!!!!!
bellevergreen bellevergreen Mar 25, 2016
I thought they were gonna kiss😣
                              I really ship mary and alex, why cant they be together?😭😭😭😭
minusfractions minusfractions Jan 18, 2016
"Mouse not Mary" I found this really sad actually, because they seem so different. 
                              I really feel for Foxy. It's so frustrating that they're still like this with him, even after everything that's happened. But at least he kind of has Mary back?
minusfractions minusfractions Jan 08, 2016
I'm surprised to find Hornroot somewhat on his side (at least literally XD) but I suppose I'm about as confused as Foxy is to who everybody is and what's going on. It seems like an awfully nice prison, if you ask me.
willthefifthalfred willthefifthalfred Nov 21, 2015
It's not bad, just a clear sign that you've grown to expect things to not always be as they seem in these stories (;