Soul An Undertale Fan Fiction

Soul An Undertale Fan Fiction

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KariKitDemon By karikitdemon Completed

In the  Undertale universe, a different human child falls down into the underground. Even though she is very young she will have to find her way home or stay there forever.


Big thanks to my friend from school who helped me out a bit.

__assbutt __assbutt 12 hours ago
y'all should join my kik public group #UndertaleMakeFiends .... maybe??
GomiNoKoInu GomiNoKoInu Feb 10
These kids have some spicy insults
                              Ohhh boi I bet they'll roast me now m9!
GomiNoKoInu GomiNoKoInu Feb 10
No offense to the sans fans out there but I'm kinda happy because I finally found a Undertale book the doesn't have sans as top priority.
                              Most of my bad insults are sarcastic please do and don't take me seriously.
Phoenix28949 Phoenix28949 Dec 06, 2016
I like this! Kari reminds me of Chihiro. From spirited away.
Kawaiikitty_999 Kawaiikitty_999 May 08, 2016
Can Kari come back and beat those kids up?
                              I kno she's harmless,but still.
                              Those kids would deserve it.
charatrue charatrue Mar 06
reading this awesome fanfic fills you with DETERMINATION. PUZZLES NYEH HEH HEH!