Soul An Undertale Fan Fiction

Soul An Undertale Fan Fiction

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KariKitDemon By karikitdemon Completed

In the  Undertale universe, a different human child falls down into the underground. Even though she is very young she will have to find her way home or stay there forever.


Big thanks to my friend from school who helped me out a bit.

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RaZdahooman RaZdahooman Mar 30
chugity295 chugity295 Oct 03
They are just the most rude people I have seen I mean picking on a five year old? That's just wrong
Nosiepops Nosiepops Mar 25
And thus, Toby Fox was born. (Still not a fox though for some reason...)
When it said strange power at the end I know what it means... who ever said that is a megalamaniac
*seriously curious*
                              *Was actually about to quit* well dang you've got my attention now
Aphmau999999999 Aphmau999999999 5 days ago
Ifthe small kid was me they would either be dead or screaming
                              "DIE SUCKAS AND NEVA COME BACK YA MIDGETS!"