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emp423 By emp423 Updated Jun 17, 2016

Bella Marie stone is a shy, awkward outcast but her life isn't that difficult. She has only one friend, is at the bottom of the high school food chain, and is home alone a lot due to her workaholic parents but her life isn't that bad.

Then Ryan Lee Miller moves next door.

As soon as he catches a glimpse of Bella he instantly becomes obsessed with her. He acts normal in public but behind closed doors he's a 35 year old man obsessed with a 17 year old girl.

Will she figure out his secret?

If so what will he do?

Rated R for violence and sex

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kj12727 kj12727 Aug 24, 2017
What!?! You're going to leave your daughter with a strange man you just met?
Robbie-and-Peter Robbie-and-Peter Nov 15, 2017
Does that mean she has insta and fb .. but she doesn't use it or is it something else
And girlfriends, it's not just males that live on earth 😆😆
Your not supposed to let a man you just met around your child
AtriggeredPerson AtriggeredPerson Jul 02, 2017
Mk at least let it be a lady instead of a man cause you know .........
HotDogMary HotDogMary Nov 24, 2017
Wait,ok what kind of mom__________0_0 WTF!!! 
                              My mom doesn't even leave me with her male friends for less than 15 minutes.  Kinda BS is this.