My American Psycho (Peterick AU)

My American Psycho (Peterick AU)

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This was it, I knew it was the end. Pete was doing everything he could to get us out of here, but I felt like it was going to be impossible. Everything we have done will be over, but I wouldn't regret a single thing.

"We have the area surrounded, let the people inside go and turn yourselves in!"

I heard sirens all coming for outside of the building. I was spaced out looking at everybody that was on the ground crying in fear.

"We will shoot everyone in here, if you don't let us go right now!" Pete shouted.

He wrapped his arm around my waist, telling me that everything was going to be okay and how we would make it out. I just nodded in response, "I trust you, always."


New Peterick! This is a psychotic Love story 

I thOUGHT THAT IT SAID 'we finally made out in front of my house' IM CRYING
                              And forever.
                              If you get this reference I will love you forever.
littlegriz littlegriz 18 hours ago
this was the perfect place to throw in a thanks pete but you are a disgrace
blink-505 blink-505 Apr 01
i thought it said  how we would make out. 
                              im trash