Where Life Ends (#Wattys2016)

Where Life Ends (#Wattys2016)

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Previously WHERE IT ENDS now WHERE LIFE ENDS- Slowly EDITING very, very slowly. No hate but tell me what I can do better, lots of love ~Smiles:

After years of choking down her past Ava Clarice Smith is a seventeen year old girl who just isn't who she seems. She was a murderer; she would never live down the death of her best friend, and that death has ruined her life.  She had taught her heart to hold ice and blackness and her soul to hold the wounds of countless stabbings. But one particularly desperate boy wouldn't let it go.


Where Life Ends.
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Dani_5sos_ Dani_5sos_ Jul 25, 2016
But smiles such a great song YOU kNOW THAT IM a CRAzY B**** I DO What I want when I feel like it lol
met_all_ica met_all_ica Jan 12
Holy macaroni so I saw thus cat while waiting for the school bus this morning and it was so cute and like 2 feet away but I couldn't pet him cause there's ice everywhere and I woulda fell on my ass 😂😂
SmilesAndDesirables SmilesAndDesirables Nov 14, 2015
OPPS! OMG sorry, yes I am going to keep going with THIS story I got side tracked and thought you where talking about something else, now I feel stupid... Sorry. So just to be clear I AM going to continue with THIS story. @ThatOneWeirdSquirrel don't now what I was thinking. O-O
SmilesAndDesirables SmilesAndDesirables Nov 14, 2015
No because I thought it would go to fast so I just ended it and replaced it with a new one, I'm trying to get that one story just right... @ThatOneWeirdSquirrel