Toxic Life (#Wattys2017)

Toxic Life (#Wattys2017)

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REWRITTEN. July 13th, 2017. Ongoing. Teen Fiction| Romance| Adventure| Suspense| Thriller.

"It isn't so bad when you get used to it, your arms get a thin layer of scar tissue and then it just feels placid... Like breaking through a numb barrier. It makes me feel alive." 


To Live this Toxic Life.
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jiminnipple jiminnipple May 13
it's sad how true that could be and how she easily thought of it
Defense is what it is called, she has spent so long in that mindset that is normal not to trust or get near with someone again so it is her defense.
Dani_5sos_ Dani_5sos_ Jul 25, 2016
But smiles such a great song YOU kNOW THAT IM a CRAzY B**** I DO What I want when I feel like it lol
Dustin is a great brother lol my brother would have said 'nah shes fat'. my brother is a dick and he doesnt have one, lol
riff_life riff_life Jan 12
Holy macaroni so I saw thus cat while waiting for the school bus this morning and it was so cute and like 2 feet away but I couldn't pet him cause there's ice everywhere and I woulda fell on my ass 😂😂
Smiles-in-Glasses Smiles-in-Glasses Nov 14, 2015
OPPS! OMG sorry, yes I am going to keep going with THIS story I got side tracked and thought you where talking about something else, now I feel stupid... Sorry. So just to be clear I AM going to continue with THIS story. @ThatOneWeirdSquirrel don't now what I was thinking. O-O