Face The Raven » Stiles Stilinski

Face The Raven » Stiles Stilinski

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50 shades of Lauren By VoidArchie Updated Sep 05, 2017

❝ She was the type of Queen who knows her crown isn't on her head, but in her heart. ❞

Aria Haynes, better known as the best friend of Beacon Hills Queen bee Lydia Martin, the girl who could stop someones heart with a burning look of her hazel green eyes. Aria was use to the watching eyes of her school peers, who wanted to see her slip and fail. Aria wasn't normal, but at the same time she wasn't supernatural, she was the most extraordinary girl Stiles has ever met. She was encouraged to walk in the steps of her brutal best friend and share her social status  since the end of Seventh grade meaning she was use to turning her nose up towards social outcasts such as Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. 

To Aria that was no problem, she was use to watching the sarcastic, skinny boy pine after her like a dog looking for approval from it's master and it bought her more amusement than it probably should. The winds of destiny change their path as a supernatural threat starts to rampage through the town putting the residents of Beacon Hills in trouble, especially as the Alpha is out for revenge ready to make the streets of beacon hills run red with blood. Aria Haynes never believed in love, or the supernatural but that was all about to change because of two teenage boys; one who had got bitten by a werewolf and one that stole her heart.

[Season 1 - 2] [OC X Stiles Stilinski]

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dear_prongs dear_prongs Aug 06, 2017
I know it's so fun to wonder about him, it can extremely additive, she says from experience.
nehverland nehverland Nov 28, 2015
This story is so good so far :) I love Holland in teen wolf so it's really easy to imagine her as the main character. Loving it :D