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Dolphin By purpleeberries Updated Sep 12

*Warning ⚠ BxB! This means Boy love (gay).  If you don't like, don't read!

In a world where females no longer exist, the male population is divided into two parts; the breeders and the providers. The provider's job is to work and provide for their breeder while the breeders were to bear and nurture their children with the hope of one day bearing a girl.

Levi Moore thought he couldn't be anything but a provider. With his built physic, he knew that the working class was made for him. That is, until he found out how wrong he really was.

This is gonna be the biggest, "Sike, bitch you though." In history.
What about his parents? Did he just meet them at the office or did he just ditch them?
This guys literally told him to be a man and bare children. 😂
ThatMeForReal ThatMeForReal Oct 24, 2016
If that his man he can say i can pay now wen he meets him 👋now give me 💵 so i can
StarmyuDragon StarmyuDragon Jul 26, 2016
Hahaha welll... Im pretty ur NOT gonna get out the fertility prep soon... 😏😏😏
TimmyJh12 TimmyJh12 Feb 28
Coffee i thought he gonna for some whiskey or tequilla 😂😂😂