Jesse's Redemption (manxman /werewolf || #lgbt)

Jesse's Redemption (manxman /werewolf || #lgbt)

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T. Gray By notbackingdown Completed

Sequel to Want You Back. 


For every action, there's a reaction. Too bad Jesse learned the hard way. His actions, his careless words, took something precious from his family.

Broke his family. 

Is there any way to redeem himself? 

He doesn't believe so. But he does everything he possibly can to make up for what he's done. 


Being Eric Moore Hardcore Pornstar. That was easy. I knew what was expected of me.

Then everything changed. 

Changes, things I don't understand. 

Questions I couldn't answer. 

Then there's Jesse. My mate. But how can I be a mate when I don't have a wolf. I mean I'm not sure if I did. Why don't I have a connection like everyone else. 

I wish everyone would forget I did the special things. It's not like I liked it. I just didn't want to be punished. 

I wish I wasn't a kid trapped in a grown up's body. 

I wish Jesse would love me.

I wish he didn't hate himself. 

Wishes upon wishes.

Will they ever come true?

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jenXjen13 jenXjen13 May 03, 2017
I love this story buuut, he changed and was sold when he was 16 , wouldn't his personality be that of a 16 year old not a 6 year old
itsnena123 itsnena123 Nov 26, 2017
Really, Marcellus,  really?  But you "bought " him because of the special stuff!  😈
wandab63 wandab63 May 09, 2016
he is a pure baby doll love his innocent even aftet the world has been so cruel
Unholy_Vengeance Unholy_Vengeance Jul 05, 2016
😭😭😭😭😭 lmaooo "he thinks Im his friend....awww"
Lonesome_Fire Lonesome_Fire Feb 14, 2016
Awwww!! Cutest thing ever! I love him, I just wana cuddle him like crazy!  :D
KaySetonks KaySetonks Feb 16, 2016
Oh eric you were do used it is great that marcellous found you and bought your release and has brought you home with him.  Now you have found your cotton candy man, but don't think he is going to make it easy for you you adorable innocent, used as you were you are so unworldly wise, goid luck!