If I Could Fly 🐠  l.s mermaid au

If I Could Fly 🐠 l.s mermaid au

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If the sea can meet the sky agreeably at the horizon, how much harder can it truly be for feathers and fins? Is the water not drawn naturally to the shore? Does the sun not bend down to kiss the waves at the end of the day?
          A Larry Stylinson-Inspired fairy tale AU that's mostly fluff with a dash of angst, and a lil adventure thrown in for good measure.
          (feat: merman!harry & harpy!louis fantasy of pass-the-pencil Tumblr fame)

It doesn't have to be a goat legs and tail because Henry the half man half goat said so.
You should really say saytr because you also mentioned a centaur which is Greek So I feel you should say saytr so that it doesn't contradict that because faun is the Roman version…not…Greek……I don't know where all this smartness is coming from… PERSASSY JACKSON FTW
Finally there's a Larry fanfic about mythological creatures! I mean ive ready other ones but only mermaid, vampire, werewolf, shapeshifters, and hybrids.
why123456 why123456 Nov 13
Oh my lord, Percy Jackson - Grover. Anyone? I love him so much 😂😂
Dun eat Harry plz :c 
                              But if u wanna think that way *cough* dirty minded people *cough* then go ahead eat Harry
I thought this said Harry for a second and you were going to give a definition 😂