Asylum: A Horrific Romance.

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Marina (Mari) By marixoxo Updated 3 years ago
& Eventually, the madness took over her body.   --  Schizophrenia, Patricia has it. And when the voices make her kill a completely innocent soul.. she wakes up in an Insane Asylum. Patricia doesn't have a problem with that until she starts hearing and seeing things.. but she isn't the only one.
You should update this book because the parts you have done so far are amazing I love it and can't wait to see more 
omg noooo i really dislike scary stories like this :( but you're writing is really goood!
OMG I love this book so much and I really want to know what's gonna happen next:)
Very short and yet effective. It's pulled me in and I'm desperate to know what had happened before to lead up to that moment of murder :o
hmm, that insane asylum seems pretty social! Great start but you should make it more realistic.