Mr. CEO and Me

Mr. CEO and Me

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newgirl244 By newgirl244 Updated 4 days ago

'Sometimes, the person you hate the most, is the person you can't live without'

Meet Maddison Green, the 27 year old simple small town girl from Texas, who's bubbly, full of life,  stands for what she believes in, and won't change herself to conform to people's expectations. 

Meet Xavier Andrews, the 28 year old self made, ruthless, 'win at all costs' billionaire. Who believes everything can be bought in the world, including love. He has no consideration for relationships and can even manipulate people to achieve his ambitions. He rarely smiles due to a dark past. 

What happens when fate forces the two to work together? Will Maddison be able to uncover the man behind the billionaire? Will she be able to bring back the old Xavier?

Yas girl that coffe is hot throw it in his d he be like forgiving and begging u
mamba44 mamba44 Mar 14
Xavier sounds like a real jerk hopefully he is just pissed by the sudden feelings he has for this beautiful Maddison
- - May 20
Lol, nice. You managed to give us a bit of her background by putting into dialogue, that's clever, I like it. I like this chapter. Easygoing, met a new friend, and all that. Still a bit rushed with little descriptions though. And that CEO is freaking hot
angelyntjf angelyntjf Jun 10
Oh gosh Xavier please. Well, at least Jason seems like a nice guy ahahaha. Once again, I love the humour in this chapter. I find this whole part very easy to read and it's so nice haha. Great job xp
Chloe_xl Chloe_xl Sep 06
Hey, this was very interesting to read and I really like where this is heading! The characters are relatable and I really really enjoyed this!  
                              Can't wait to read on ;)
EXAlexander EXAlexander Jul 25
The was a good chapter.  Just keep an eye on the punctuation.