I NEED U (BTS boyxboy fanfic)

I NEED U (BTS boyxboy fanfic)

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"What exactly are we now?"

"Nothing. Just band members. Hyung and maknae. You're still Yoongi hyung's boyfriend and I'm still Bangtan's golden maknae. Nothing's change. Neither do I want it to change."


"Isn't it good like that now? I want nothing, except you. I just wanna stay close to you, even if it's a minute or so, I just wanna love you."


Jimin and Suga are couple, a very loving and blissful one. But what if Bangtan's golden maknae Jungkook, too, developed feelings for Jimin? Will Jimin be able to resist this temptation? 

And what if he chose two of them? Can he handle it well? 

3 idols, 2 couples, 1 happy ending...

#team-yoonmin    OR    #team-jikook

wish me luck!  ITS my first time reading a book of BTS ships...
Me to all of BTS because they don't realise how amazing they are and always be bias wrecking me so much that I've given up on the concept of having a bias. 🙄🙄😥😥❤️❤️
Jimin: yeah i totally love my boyfriend 
                              Jungshook:CAUGHT IN A LIEEEEEE
ereri25 ereri25 Jun 22
Need to be loyal to jimin but jungkook and jin make me cheat on him
Why.. Why did I just imagine Seok-jin throwing up food into everyone's mouths 
                              Why why why
They're pretending Jungkook is a baby and Jimin is learning how to hold him properly. OBVIOUSLY