(Laxus X reader) Fairy tails monster

(Laxus X reader) Fairy tails monster

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Sophie! By Sophie-Chi Updated Oct 01, 2017

(Y\n) has been on a mission with mystogen for a few years now. After you became S class, master had asked you to assist mystogen in closing the animas. But when you get a call from the master, claiming that your close friend and childhood crush has taken over the Fantasia event, and is forcing fairy tail to fight each other... Well let's just say your coming home to beat some people up.

Starts at the Fantasia arc and will work through the arcs with you working with team natsu a lot. Won't follow it too closely but it might be a while until we get to the real romance with laxus and you ^.^

May contain lemon... I dunno yet

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fabizmyname fabizmyname Jul 07, 2017
I do not understand how that comment was offensive and not my first one but whatever you say Wattpad.
fabizmyname fabizmyname Jul 07, 2017
Wait dude are you talking about Erik? Like the poison dragon slayer? Dude he's great
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-.- Tamaki! What have I told you about growing mushrooms in our closet?!
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Yay! I can't wait for an update! This is gonna be a really good book!
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No, I don't want to 'accidentally' kill you with my awesomeness!
insp1ration insp1ration Nov 20, 2015
laxus is my baby i'm still mad at him for doing this to his family